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Department’s Brief History

Pathology Department of Bursa Faculty of Medicine was established and started providing laboratory services in 1975-1976, in the building where Bursa Highly Specialized Training and Research Hospital is currently located. Education and laboratory services at the time was carried out by faculty members from I.U. Capa Faculty of Medicine. In May 1976, Dr. Oktan Erol started working as a pathologist and laboratory services gradually developed. Also, Dr. Erol started building the pathology archives. In the fall of 1976, with the arrival of Assoc. Dr. Ali Riza Karaca, education and training services began and the first pathology residents started their training. In 1984 the “Pathology Chair” name changed into “Department of Pathology“  on account of Higher Education Institute. After the first residents, Dr. Sahsine Tolunay who started training in 1981, and Dr. Omer Yerci in 1985 continued their academic career in the department. The faculty moved to the Gorukle campus in 1985, and education started in the campus as Uludag University School of Medicine while the laboratory services stayed in the old building. With the completion of the moving to campus in 1992, educational and laboratory services started in the Rectorate Building on the 3rd floor. Dr. Sahsine Tolunay went to Vienna in 1991 for training in the fields of Neuropathology and Immonuhistochemistry and built the immunohistochemistry laboratory after her return. In 1992, Dr. Ömer Yerci established the cytology laboratory after his cytology training in Germany. The pathology laboratory moved into the hospital during the rectorship of Dr. Mete Cengiz. Since then routine laboratory services, macroscopy and microscopy laboratory, cytology, enzyme and immunohistochemistry laboratories are located in the hospital, and educational services are given in the Rectorate building. Frozen section services have been maintained in the operating rooms since the nineties. Dr. Hulya Ozturk, Dr. Saduman Balaban Adim, Dr. Ozlem Saraydaroglu and Dr. Berna Aytac countinued their academic careers  in the pathology department after their residencies. Dr. Ulviye Yalcınkaya started working as a pathologist and continued her academic career. With the help of Dr. Oktan Erol, the specification in pathology started in 2006. In 2008 Dr. Elif Ulker Akyıldız came to be specialized in pulmonary pathology and continued her academic career. Dr. Fatma Oz Atalay and Dr. Nesrin Ugras joined us in 2011 as pathologists.

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