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Mail address Bursa Uludağ University / Faculty of Medicine / Department of Medical Genetics / 16059 Görükle / Bursa, Turkey

Department’s Brief History

Bursa Uludag University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Genetics was established by Assist. Assoc. Dr Emine Tuna GÜLTEN, Assist. Assoc. Dr Hakan CANGÜL, Res. Assist. Şehime Gülsün TEMEL, Res. Assist. Şener Arıkan, Res. Assist. Tahsin YAKUT in the department of Internal Medicine in 2003. Between 2003 and 2007, Assist. Assoc. Dr Emine Tuna GÜLTEN was the Head of the Department. On 18.10.2010, Assist. Assoc. Dr Hakan CANGÜL has been resigned from the department. Prof. Dr Tahsin YAKUT was the Head of the Department between 01.11.2007 and 02.08.2016. In 2013, “Genetic Diseases Diagnosis Center” license has been obtained by the Ministry of Health. In addition to the ongoing routine diagnostic services, research projects are carried out in many areas. Between the dates 02.08.2016 - 05.07.2017, Assist. Assoc. Dr Emine Tuna GÜLTEN served as the Head of the Department and retired on 20.08.2017. The service started by Şehime Gülsün TEMEL in 2003 and Şebnem ÖZEMRİ SAĞ in 2005 as research assistants are now Assoc. Dr in the department. Assoc. Dr Şehime Gülsün TEMEL has been working as the Head of the Department since 05.07.2017. In 2019, Dr Selcan ZEYBEK started to work in our department. 
There are 2 associate professors, 1 lecturer doctor, 3 research assistants, 8 biologists, 4 technicians and 1 secretary served in our department.

Location and Infrastructure

Our department, lecturer rooms, routine and advanced research laboratory at the Department of Medical Genetics and Molecular Genetics Laboratory at the School of Medicine is located on the first floor in two parts.
The infrastructure of our department consists of the following laboratory equipment. Laboratory infrastructures have been established within the scope of TUBİTAK and BAP projects that have been realized so far as well as University and Medical Faculty supports.
Prenatal Diagnosis and Tissue Culture Laboratory: Thermo Scientific Incubator, Thermo Steri - Cycle CO2 Incubator, Olympus CK2 Inverted Microscope, SIEMENS Laminar Flow.
Molecular Cytogenetics (FISH) Laboratory: NÜVE BD 402 Circulated Cooled Water Bath, BANTE Instruments 920 Ice Machine, Memmert Water Bath, BioSan Vortex, ThermoBrite Thermocycler, Olympus BX51 Microscope, Arçelik Refrigerator, NÜVE NS103 Magnetic Stirrer, IKA ™ Magnetic Stirrer -20oC Refrigerator.
Sequence Laboratory: ILLUMINA-MiSeq Next Generation Sequencing Device, ALLSHENG Mini10K Mini Centrifuge, BIOSAN Vortex V-1 Plus.
Liquid Biopsy and Next Generation Sequencing Laboratories: QIAGEN GeneReader NGS System, QIAGEN GeneRead QIACube PCR, QIACube Isolation Device, Hermle Table Top Refrigerated Centrifuge, Sensoquest Thermocycler, Eurolone Heat Block, T-Shaker Heat Block, Bio-Air Auto Mini Laminal Flow, Indesit Refrigerator, Şenocak -20oC Refrigerator, CORE DF490 -80oC Refrigerator.
Molecular Genetic Laboratory: NÜVE NF400 Centrifuge, ALLSHENG Mini10K Mini Centrifuge, N-BIOTECH NB-500CIR, BIOSAN Vortex V-1 Plus, 2X BIO-RAD T100 Thermocycler, VESTEL CD-L1103W Refrigerator, NUVAIRE Class II Biological Safety Cabinet, QIAGEN Rotor-Gene Q RT-PCR device, Maestro NanoDrop, ALLSHENG Dry Bath Incubator, UVP High Performance UV Transilluminator, Arcelik Intellowave, BIO-RAD PowerPac Basic Electrophoresis Device, Automatic Flake Ice Maker, 3X SIEMENS Laminar Flow, CAS Micro Weighing Scale MW-II , Indesit Refrigerator, Hettich UNIVERSAL 320 R Benchtop Centrifuge, Applied Biosystems ™ 3130 Genetic Analyzer.
Cytogenetic Laboratories
Chromosome Preparation Department: Arçelik Refrigerator, HETTICH Rotofix 32 Centrifuge, IKA M3 Vortex, Siemens Laminar Flow, Electro-Mag M420 Water Bath, NÜVE NF 800R Refrigerated Centrifuge, CAS Precision Balance.
Chromosome Analysis Section: Olympus CX31, CX21 (2), CH20, CX22 (3) Microscope, Leica DM2500 Microscope, Zeiss Primo Star Microscope.
Cell Culture Chamber: WTC Binder Oven, Electro-Mag Oven, AEG Refrigerator, NÜVE EN 120 Incubator, Chart / MVE Cryo System Nitrogen Tank, BOSCH Refrigerator, KLEO -20oC Refrigerator.

Resident Training Process

At the Department of Medical Genetics students are trained in medical expertise. The training in medicine is programmed to cover 4 years. At the end of their education, students are expected to prepare a thesis based on scientific research and defend their thesis successfully.

Research Areas and ve Service Areas

Our department; pre and postnatal conventional and molecular cytogenetic diagnosis, pre and postnatal molecular genetic diagnosis, cancer genetics, genotype/phenotype correlation, rare diseases, personal diagnosis and treatment in addition to routine laboratory services, polyclinic and genetic counselling services. In addition, experimental studies support other researchers in the context of cytogenetic and molecular cytogenetic, advanced molecular techniques.