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Our department was opened in Bursa in the year of 1974 when Bursa Faculty of Medicine was opened in Istanbul University and Assoc. Dr. Burhan K. Kıran came here from Ankara Medical School, and shortly thereafter, Expert. Ismail H. Ulus has started its activities with the participation of. Dr. Kiran and Dr. In a short time, the nation tried to complete the main basic devices of the department and also carried out the teaching activities. The department was moved to the new building of the Görükle Campus in 1985. The Department of Pharmacology continues its education and research services in the same building since this date. Head of Department of Pharmacology until 1999 Dr. It was conducted by Burhan K. Kıran and then, until 2004, he was assigned to this position. Dr. Prof. Dr. İsmail H. Ulus until 2008. Dr. Prof. Vahide Savcı, until 2014; Dr. Prof. Dr. Levent R. Büyükuysal; Dr. It was conducted by Mine Sibel Gürün. The current head of the Department Dr. Sinan Çavun has been in service since 2017.
Currently our department; 7 Professors, 1 Medical Research Assistant and 1 Doctoral Student, 3 Master's students, 1 chemist continues research and training activities.

Location and Infrastructure

Our department is located on the 2nd Floor of the Basic Medical Sciences building, which consists of one hall, one with faculty and instructors' rooms and the general laboratory.
  1. The main components of the laboratory are the contents of the following laboratories.
  2. General Purpose Laboratory: This laboratory has been established to carry out basic research and allows many in vitro studies.
  3. HPLC Laboratory: Studies in this laboratory are intended for the measurement of endogenous molecules and drugs in biological samples.
  4. Pain Mechanisms Laboratory: This laboratory is a laboratory established to perform pain and analgesia studies.
  5. Cardiovascular Hemodynamics Laboratory: It was established to perform chronic and acute cardiovascular hemodynamics studies.
  6. Microdialysis Laboratory: It is a laboratory established to collect and measure endogenous molecules from extracellular range in selected brain regions.
  7. Experimental Psychopharmacology Laboratory: It is a laboratory established to investigate the effects of some drugs affecting the central nervous system on different behavioral models.

Research Assistant Education Process

Our department has been established in order to provide pharmacology education and basic research at the level of bachelor's, master's, doctoral and medical specialty. Specialization in medicine is programmed to cover 4 years, graduate education is 2 years and doctoral education covers 4 years. Students are expected to be successful in theoretical and applied courses according to regulations and to prepare a thesis based on scientific research and to defend their thesis successfully.

Working Subjects and Service Areas

Main areas of interest of our department are: 
  1. Neuropharmacology 
  2. Cardiovascular Pharmacology 
  3. Pain and Analgesia 
  4. Experimental Psychopharmacology