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Department’s Brief History

Assoc. Prof. Selçuk Küçükoğlu, one of the lecturers of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, has been appointed as the founding chairman of the Department of Sports Medicine, which was established within the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 1990. Sports Medicine continued its activities until 1992 with limited space and facilities in the old Faculty of Medicine building. With the relocation of the Faculty of Medicine to the Görükle Campus, a large area has been settled and the capacity of medical instruments has been increased. Also, in 1992, Dr. Hakan Gür joined the training staff. Studies in the Department of Sports Medicine, which started to recruit specialty students, gained momentum after this year. The department, which has expanded its team and opportunities, has come to meet some of the exercise rehabilitation needs of different patient groups as a result of cooperation with different departments such as PMR Department, Orthopaedics and Traumatology Department, as well as serving athletes from Bursa and surrounding cities. The first residency training students (2 students) were attended to the Sports Medicine staff in 1993. Thereafter, with the participation of 4 personnel, a specialist psychologist and a physical educator in 1996, and again a physical educator and a physiotherapist in 1997, the staff of Sports Medicine was increased.  The Department of Sports Medicine started to provide doctoral education within the scope of the Institute of Health Sciences in 1996, and in this context, it included 1 doctoral student. Continuing its activities within the scope of PMR Department since 1992, Sports Medicine became a Department in 2001 and started to serve in its own place within Uludağ University Health and Practice Hospital. By the end of 2021, 15 specialization students were trained in the Department of Sports Medicine, where the first specialization student completed his training in 1996 (Respectively, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Soner Akkurt, Prof. Dr. Bedrettin Akova, Prof. Dr. Ufuk Şekir, Assoc. Prof.  Dr. Tolga Saka, Specialist Dr. Selim Kadagan, Specialist Dr. Çağdaş Uçar Şenışık, Specialist Dr. Seher Banu Keleş, Specialist Dr. Gökhan Özhan, Specialist Dr. Erdal Hancı, Lecturer Dr. Erdem Atalay, Specialist Dr. Dr. Abdullah Şerefoğlu, Specialist Dr. Güfat Arslan, Specialist Dr. Osman İlhan, Specialist Dr. Selim Deniz, Specialist Dr. Uğur Can Yalaki, Specialist Dr. Ahmet Sandım).

                Since the day it was founded, the Department of Sports Medicine has served many patients with its own rehabilitation programs (post-operative repair of anterior cruciate ligament, meniscus, etc., chronic diseases such as osteitis pubis, osteoarthritis). In addition, ankle sprain risk analysis started to be performed with the ankle sprain simulator developed by our department in 2010. In this sense, the Department of Sports Medicine has presented many scientific articles, including EMG analyses evaluated simultaneously with the ankle sprain simulator, since 2010. Since 2008, the Department of Sports Medicine has been providing Team Doctor support to the A and Junior National Teams of the Turkish Football Federation. Similarly, our Department has provided and continues to provide health services to Tofaş Sports Club Basketball, Bursaspor A and Youth Football teams, Basketball A and Youth National Teams in certain periods. Our members of the Department have assumed and continue to undertake duties at the management level in different periods, including the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vice-President and Member of the Turkish Sports Medicine Association. The 13th National Sports Medicine Congress held in Bursa 2011, was under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Bedrettin Akova and hosted by our Department. Since its establishment, the Department of Sports Medicine has contributed to the medical literature nearly 100 national and nearly 50 international articles, 9 scientific books, including editorial and translation. Besides, "Journal of Sports Science and Medicine", which has been at the forefront of distinguished indexes (SCI-expanded, Focus on: Sports Science & Medicine, SciSearch, MEDLINE/PubMed, PubMed Central etc.) edited by Prof. Dr.Hakan Gür, has been published by our Department since 2002.

                From the day it was founded to the present, the department chairs are Prof. Dr. Selcuk Kucukoglu (1990-2001), Prof. Dr. Hakan Gur (2001-2016) and Prof. Dr. Bedrettin Akova (2016-present). Currently, 3 faculty members (Prof. Dr. Hakan Gür, Prof. Dr. Bedrettin Akova, Prof. Dr. Ufuk Sekir), 8 Specialization Students, 1 Physiotherapist and 1 Physical Education Specialist work in the Department of Sports Medicine. The Department of Sports Medicine, which provides service to different patient groups besides athletes, serves around 8,000-10,000 patients annually. With the scientific activities it has done and participated in, it has made and continues to make the necessary contribution to the field of Sports Medicine, which has limited number, capacity and opportunities in Turkey, in a short time.

Location and Infrastructure

Our department consists of lecturer rooms, exercise specialist room, assistant doctor room, 3 polyclinic rooms, one of which is to be used in interventional procedures, electrotherapy unit, advanced exercise physiology research laboratories, exercise hall, seminar hall, secretariat and patient waiting areas. Location of the department is at on the ground floor of Block A in Bursa Uludağ University Health Application and Research Center.

The infrastructure of our Department includes the following devices and equipment:

• One computerized isokinetic dynamometer

• 2 superficial EMG measurement and evaluation devices

• 1 electronic and pneumatically assisted ankle sprain simulator (It has been developed by us.)

• 1 basal metabolism and VO2 max. measuring device

• 2 blood lactate measuring devices

• Anthropometric measurement sets and manual dynamometers

• 1 bio-impedance body fat and muscle mass analyzer

• 2 combined electrotherapy devices

• 2 therapeutic ultrasound devices

• 4 mobile electrotherapy devices

• 1 ESWT (shock wave therapy device)

• Numerous resistance exercise systems, free weights in the exercise room

• 2 arm ergometers

• 4 bicycle ergometers

• 2 treadmills

• 1 step training device

Resident Training Process

Specialization students in medicine receive training in our department. The training program is organized in accordance with the curriculum determined by the Medical Specialization Board (TUKMOS) under the National Ministry of Health. Specialization training in medicine is programmed for 4 years, which can be extended for 1 year if necessary. Students are expected to be successful in the theoretical and applied courses they will take in accordance with the regulations, and to prepare a thesis based on scientific research at the end of their education and to defend their thesis successfully.

Research Areas and ve Service Areas

Eccentric exercise and muscle damage, prevention of injuries in athletes, the sensorimotor system, and superficial EMG evaluations take an important place in the research areas of our department.

The following health services are offered clinically:

• General Athlete Health and Protection from Sports Injuries

• Diagnosis, Treatment and Sportive Rehabilitation in Sports Injuries

• Child and Adolescent Athlete Injuries

• Health Checks and Suggestions for Those Who Want to Start Sports

• Athlete License Examinations

• Exercise Recommendations for Chronic Diseases (High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity ...)

• Athletes; Sports Nutrition, Doping, Sports Psychology etc.  Advice and Help on Topics

• Home exercises and device usage trainings

• Injection treatments (PRP, Steroid; Prolotherapy, Other..)

• Stem cell therapy

• Dry needling techniques