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Uludag University Faculty of Medicine has begun to give education and health service in a building built as Pulmonary Disease Hospital in affiliation with İstanbul University on Ankara Road in 1974. On the same year, Radiology Chair is formed. Dr. Turhan Kaba who is responsible radiologist in the forming of the Chair has worked between 7 March 1974 and 9 July 1979. Following that years Prof. Dr. Celal Adanır who is assigned as Chair President coming from Atatürk University has begun to his duty in 1976 and continued until 29 August 1980 which he has died.
3 assistants and 7 technologists who have worked in our faculty have given service with single-plane fluoroscopy and radiograph used with film bath. In 1979, another fluoroscopy machine has been bought and used for long duration. At the same years, Radiology Chair has become department. In conventional angiography unit managed by a team from cardiology, neurology and brain surgery angiographic studies have been performed.
In 1980 Doç. Dr. Ercan Tuncel who is assigned to Uludag University from Atatürk University has become Head of Radiology Department.
In 1984 Computed Tomography and Ultrasonography machines has been bought and utilized in health service. In 1992 Faculty of Medicine Hospital has moved to Görükle Campus.
In 1991 Digital Subtraction Angiography, a new computed tomography and Color Doppler Ultrasound devices has been set in new hospital and after that all angiography procedures has been made by Radiology staff.
In following years, our department has organized academic staff under organ systems, improved his understanding of service and become the first radiology department that puts in practice this method in our country.
In 1992 year 1.0 T Magnetic Resonance device, in 1997 helical CT, in 2000 1.5 T MR device and DEXA device, in 2004 new DSA device, in 2009 multidetector CT device and in 2011 3.0 T MR device has been added to our equipment and modern technological development has been utilized in many ways.
Uludag University Faculty of Medicine Radiology Department is one of the leader departments in radiology education. In 2013 our department has been the first radiology department evaluated and accredited by Turkey Radiology Association in radiology education. As an indicator of our success, our department has been chosen by many students who have highest ranks in National Medical Expertise Exam.


Head of department
Prof.Dr. Celal ADANIR: 1976-1980 
Prof.Dr. Ercan TUNCEL: 1980-2005 
Prof.Dr. Müfit PARLAK: 2005-2008 
Prof.Dr. Ercan TUNCEL: 2008-2010 
Prof.Dr. Gürsel SAVCI: 2010-2013 
Prof.Dr. Uğur Topal: 2013-2015 
Prof.Dr. Zeynep YAZICI: 2015-2018 
Prof.Dr.Bahattin HAKYEMEZ: 2018-today

Location and Infrastructure

Our department is localized at ground floor in Uludag University Health Practice Hospital Main Outpatient Clinic building. Radiology department consists of main corridor where academic staff’s rooms are found and outpatient clinic formed by US, CT, MR, Interventional Radiology, Mammography units. Besides that, at second floor Clinical X-ray, at Emergency Service X-Ray, US, CT and MR units are in service for hospital care. MR device in outpatient clinic is in service 24 hours a day for four days in a week, units in emergency service and clinical X-ray unit work 24 hours 7 days in a week, other outpatient units work in official working hours.
Education Period of Residents
Education period of residents are updated according to expertise ordinance. 5 year-duration of education has been changed to four years in 2012, but changed back to 5 years in recent years. Radiology residents have 3 month-long rotations as junior and senior in ultrasound imaging, neuroradiology, abdominal imaging, pediatric radiology, musculoskeletal imaging, chest and cardiovascular imaging, breast imaging and interventional radiology. Before completing second year dissertation has been given to each resident under supervision of academic staff and completed during next years. After rotations have been finished, in the last year residents may continue to additional rotations according to their needs in experience and aptitudes.
Radiology Department education starts at 1 October according to academic year and ends at 31 May. Education mainly consists of seminars, “What is your diagnosis?” lessons, daily case presentations, rotational practices.
Seminars, “What is your diagnosis?” lessons and daily case presentations are made in Radiology Department Prof. Dr. E. Tuncel Seminar Hall in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 8:00 am and 8:45 am as shown in detail in the program found in additional documents. Attendance is necessary for residents. Seminar topics, dates, speakers and moderators are announced before academic year has begun.
In case presentations, every Wednesday and Friday new cases or cases selected retrospectively from archive in different sections are discussed by residents and residents are expected to express his opinions on preliminary diagnoses, differential diagnoses and how to approach to these diagnoses.
Rotational educations are decided by responsible academic staff according to educational program. In every two years, Radiology Physics and Emergency Radiology courses are given each year in turn.

Research Subjects and Extent of Service

In our department, modern radiological equipments are benefited in hospital care. Four dual-detector fully digital X-ray machine two in outpatient clinics, one in inpatient clinic and one in emergency service; three digital fluoroscopy machine in operating rooms; one fully digital tiltable fluoroscopy machine that allows to contrast-enhanced urological and gastroenterological studies; a DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorbimetry) machine for measuring bone mineral density; a fully digital mammography machine; prone table stereotactic breast biopsy machine; two computed tomography machines one of which has 2x64 detectors, other has 16 detectors; a 3.0 T and a 1.5 T MR machine; two 360 rotating DSA device one of which is monoplane and one is biplane; 8 Color Doppler Ultrasonography device 5 of which is in ultrasound outpatient clinic, one in emergency service, one in inventional radiology unit, one in breast imaging unit; 3 computerized radiography and 5 portable X-ray machines are found in our department. With these equipment all necessary radiological studies could be made. In interventional radiology unit there is observation room with 6 beds to observe and monitor patients before and after procedures. Every types of neurologic or non-neurologic vascular and non-vascular interventional procedures could be made in our interventional radiology unit.

Sections and Respective Academic Staff

Abdominal Imaging

Prof.Dr.Gürsel Savcı

Head-Neck Imaging

Prof.Dr.Müfit Parlak

Interventional Radiology

Doç.Dr. Ömer Fatih NAS

Dr.Öğrt.Üye.Mehmet Fatih İNECİKLİ

Cardiovascular Imaging 

Prof.Dr.Naile Bolca Topal 
Doç.Dr.Gökhan Gökalp

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Doç.Dr.Gökhan Gökalp

Breast Imaging 

Doç.Dr.Gökhan Gökalp

Interventional Neuroradiology


Prof. Dr. Bahattin Hakyemez

Prof.Dr.Müfit Parlak 
Prof.Dr.Bahattin Hakyemez

Pediatric Imaging 

Prof.Dr.Zeynep Yazıcı

Chest Imaging

Doç.Dr.Gökhan Gökalp


Prof.Dr.Naile Bolca Topal