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Department’s Brief History

Medicine in our old hospital building in Duacinari. At the time, mainly throid patients were being evaluated with a rectilinear scanner and a thyroid uptake device. There was also a RIA Laboratory within Endocrinology Outpatient Clinics.
The Department of Nuclear Medicine was founded in 1983 and continued its practises with the same devices. The first gamma camera was obtained in 1992 when the hospital moved to its new location Gorukle campus and all scintigraphic  procedures were started to be carried out. In 1995 we bought our second gamma camera. With the establishment of our PET/CT device in 2006, we started 18-F FDG studies. We proceeded with Ga-68 studies in 2016.
We are at the present operating with two gamma cameras and one PET/CT device.

Location and Infrastructure

Nuclear Medicine Department is located on the ground floor of B-7 wing of our hospital building in Gorukle campus. One section contains gamma cameras, hot lab, waiting halls, secretary, staff and faculty member offices. The second section includes PET/CT device, waiting hall and radioactive patients resting rooms.

Resident Training Process

The duration of residency training is 4 years. Resident needs to complete 1 month of cardiology, 1 month of endocrinology and metabolic diseases and 2 months of radiology compulsory trainings within the residency programme.

Research Areas and ve Service Areas

We are currently going ahead with our scintigraphic procedures with one single headed and one dual headed gamma cameras. We are making PET acquisitions using F-18 FDG, Ga-68 neuropeptides and Ga-68 PSMA with a PET /CT device.