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Department’s Brief History

Uludag Unıversıty School of Medıcıne ENT department was founded in 1975 by the leadership of Associate Professor Metin Arat and core members of İlker Tezel M.D. , İbrahim Hızalan M.D,  Serkıs Mığdısoğlu M.D.  ve Selçuk Onart M.D. 65 attending physicians completed their residency program in our clinic and nine physicians works as an academic stuff. Our ENT department have hosted ENT days congress since 1998 every 2 years. ENT department had accredited on 16 september 2010 by the Ear-Nose-Throat Head and Neck Surgery Accreditation Committee for 5 years. On 18 march 2016, our ENT department have reaccredited for another 5 years.

Location and Infrastructure

Uludag University ENT department serves to 30 patients in 24 patient rooms. ENT surgeries are performed in 10 operation rooms in a week. Every surgical procedure except robotic surgery is performed in ENT department.
In ENT outpatient unit, there are 4 examinations rooms, 1 endoscopy room, 1 medical dressing room. Once a week, voice clinic and allergy clinic serves to the patients. Approximately 120-130 patients are examined in outpatient clinic.
In audiology and speech-language pathology department, there are 4 audiology testing rooms and one electrophysiological testing room. The staff of three audiometrist and  1 audologist participate and work in hearing loss, speech language pathology, voice pathology, balance pathology diagnosis and rehabilitation, cohlear implantation and electrophysiological studies.

Resident Training Process

Resident physicians have completed 5 years training which is nationwide acceptable training program. In ENT training program, there are 4 rotations lasting 1 month of each, which are emergency medicine, plastic and reconstructive surgery, neurosurgery and anesthesiology.
Once a week, publication discussion or lecture is held with participation of each resident physicians and academic stuff. Syllabus for the training program is determined by each school of medicine according to the national core program.  ENT syllabus determined by Uludag University School of Medicine is now proficient.

Research Areas and ve Service Areas

Approximately, five international publication are published in our department in each year. In national meetings, 5-10 oral presentations or poster presentation are presented. Academic stuff have been invited to national meetings as a visiting lecturer nearly 30 times a year. Our aim is to increase the research activities and international publication numbers.
Uludag University School of Medıcıne Hospital is tertiary referral hospital for Marmara region and north Aegean region. For this reason, many head and neck cancer patients have been treated in our clinic. Furthermore, cochlear implantation, otology and neuro-otology surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery, endoscopic skull base surgery, obstructive sleep syndrome surgery, airway surgery and voice surgeries are commonly performed surgeries.
In ENT department, head and neck meeting is held every Wednesday, and mortality and morbidity meeting is held every Friday.