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Department’s Brief History

  1. Founding year and founder.

1973,   Associate Prof. Yılmaz Türkeri, Dr. Mustafa Özyurt

  1. Historical development of the department.

In 1983, the name of the university was changed to Uludağ University. At that time, the staff of the clinic consisted of Prof. Yılmaz Türkeri, Associate Prof. Mustafa Özyurt, Dr. Bülent Oktay and residents. Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Türkeri retired in 1984. Mustafa Öyurt, head of the department, was appointed professor in 1985. In 1986, Dr. Ümit Şimşek joined the Department of Urology as an assistant prof., and he was appointed associate  in 1988 and professor in 1993. In 1987, Assist. Prof. Bülent Oktay, who was appointed to his staff, became associate prof. in 1990 and professor in 1995. The clinic moved with the faculty to the Görükle Campus in 1992. İsmet Yavaşcaoğlu, who remained in the department as a specialist in 1992, was appointed associate professor in 1998 and professor in 2003. Prof. Mustafa Özyurt moved to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey as a deputy from Bursa in 2001. In 2002, Prof. Ümit Şimşek retired. In 2005, Assoc. Prof. Hakan Kılıçaslan joined the department and was appointed professor in 2009. Dr. Hakan Vuruşkan was appointed as specialist in 1999 and became an assistant professor in 2004, associate professor in 2007 and professor in 2013.

Dr. Yakup Kordan joined the department in 2003 and was appointed assistant professor in 2010 and associate professor in 2011. Dr. Hasan Serkan Doğan joined the department in 2006, was appointed associate professor in 2011 and appointed to the Department of Urology at Hacettepe University in 2012. In 2012, Dr. Onur Kaygısız and Dr. Burhan Coşkun were appointed to the department and became assistant professors in 2015. In 2017, Dr. Mehmet Çağatay Çiçek was appointed to the department. In 2018, Dr. Onur Kaygısız and Dr. Burhan Coşkun received the title of associate professor. Prof. İsmet Yavaşcaoğlu was re-elected as head of the Department in July 2013 and continues to hold this position. To date, 50 urology residents have been trained in our department. Six residents are training in our clinic . The Department of Urodynamics was established in 1991, the Department of Paediatric Urology in 1993, and the Department of Stone Fractures in 2009.

3. Heads of Departments and their terms of office.

  • Prof.Dr. Yılmaz Türkeri 1973-1984
  • Doç.Dr. Mustafa Özyurt 1984-1985
  • Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özyurt 1985-2001
  • Prof. Dr. Ümit Şimşek 2001-2002
  • Prof. Dr. Bülent Oktay 2002-2011
  • Prof. Dr. İsmet Yavascaoğlu 2011-2011
  • Prof. Dr. Hakan Kılıçarslan 2011-2012
  • Doç. Dr. Hakan Vuruşkan 2012-2013
  • Prof. Dr. İsmet Yavaşcaoğlu July 2013-

4. Achievements

  • Since May 2011, the research training program of our clinic has been accredited by the EBU (European Board of Urology).
  • Since 2011, shock wave lithotripsy (SWL) has been performed under anesthesia in pediatric stone patients.
  • Accredited by the Turkish Urology Qualification Board in June 2010.
  • Since 2003, kidney, ureter, prostate, bladder and nonpalpable testis surgeries have been performed using the laparoscopic method. Our department is one of the leading centers in this field in Turkey and since 2008, three-month courses in laparoscopic surgery have been offered to nearly 50 urology specialists and faculty members, ten of whom are from abroad.
  • About 1000 kidney transplants have been performed since 1989.
  • The first two Turkish Congresses of Pediatric Urology were held in Bursa and Mudanya in 1992 and 1993 with the support of our department.

5 Academic Activities Of The Department

  • 1 to 1 live RIRS courses have been organized regularly since 2012
  • Eurasia Urooncology meeting 2015 (in our clinic)
  • 1 to 1 Live Laparoscopy Training SPRING 2010
  • 1 to 1 Live Laparoscopy Training FALL 2010

 01-02 October 2010

  • 1 to 1 Live Laparoscopy Training SPRING 2011

04-05 March 2011

  • 1 to 1 Live Laparoscopy Training FALL 2011

 21-22 October 2011

  • 1 to 1 Live Onsite PNL Training SPRING 2010

19-20 February 2010

  • 1 to 1 Live Onsite PNL Training FALL 2010

 24-25 September 2010

  • 1 to 1 Live Onsite PNL Training SPRING 2011

 11-12 February 2011


 07-12 June 2010

  • IOWE “International Operating With the Experts”

 08-09 April 2011

  • Endourology Association Regional Training Meeting

 05 June 2010

  • Uludag Urology Days (2001-2007)

Awards received:

  • Kaygısız Onur, Soygür Yakup Tarkan, Pişkin Mehmet Mesut, Doğan Hasan Serkan, Tanidir Yilören, Gürocak Özdemir Serhat, Önal Bülent, Kiremit Murat Can, Kiliçarslan Hakan, Burgu Berk, Göger Yunus Emre, Akbal Cem, Tokat Eda, Kirli Egemen Elif Altinay, Kordan Yakup, Tekgül Serdar.      Factors Affecting Success Rates Of Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery In Children: Results Of A Multiinstitutional Retrospective Analysis By The Turkish Pediatric Urology Society 5th National Urological Surgery Congress best pediatric urology paper award 2021
  • Onur Kaygısız, Yakup Kordan, Berna Aytaç Vuruşkan, Sinan Çelen, Burhan Coşkun, Hakan Vuruşkan, İsmet Yavaşcaoğlu. Is follow-up after laparoscopic prostatectomy an option in pT3 prostate cancer? 2013, 11th Urooncology Congress Poster Presentation Award, Antalya
  • Bülent Oktay, İsmet Yavaşcaoğlu, Hakan Vuruşkan, Yakup Kordan. Laparoscopic Stone Surgery: Uludag University Experience / Best Video Award, 2011, 1st National Urological Surgery Congress, Antalya
  • Murat Öztürk, Yakup Kordan, Hasan Serkan Doğan, Hakan Vuruşkan, Hakan Kılıçarslan, İsmet Yavaşcaoğlu. Association of urokinase gene 3'UTR T/C polymorphism with recurrent urolithiasis in children. The EAU acknowledges the selection of the Best Poster Presentation in the Poster Session 20. 2007, Berlin, Germany
  • Bülent Oktay, İsmet Yavaşcaoğlu, Hakan Vuruskan, Hakan Vuruskan, Yakup Kordan. Our Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty Experience. 2004, 7th Mediterranean Video-Endoscopic Urology Course "URO-VISYON 2004", third place in video endoscopic presentation branch, AntalyaİSMET YAVAŞCAOĞLU

Location and Infrastructure


Resident Training Process

Medical school students and residents are trained in our department. The training program is conducted in accordance with the EBU (European Board of Urology) curriculum. The residency training in medicine is designed for 5 years.

Research Areas and ve Service Areas

The fields of study of our department are: andrology, urinary system stone disease, uro-oncology, female urology, pediatric urology, endourology, laparoscopic urological surgery and renal transplantation.