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General Surgery Department of Uludag University’s Medical Faculty started the activities thereof within Bursa Medical Faculty established in 1972 as a part of Istanbul University and became a part of Uludag University in 1975. The general surgery clinic moved to the new location thereof in line with the relocation of Medical Faculty’s hospital to its new facilities in 1992 and a modern intensive care unit was added to the general surgery clinic in 1995.
The sub-branch studies, having started in the 1990s, became official in 2000 and colorectal surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, breast surgery, endocrine surgery and upper gastrointestinal surgery units were founded. All Department activities began to be carried out completely in line with this branching as from this date. Endoscopy services began to be given in 2005 upon the establishment of the endoscopy laboratory. The first successful liver transplantation was accomplished in Bursa province at the end of 2007 eventually as a result of the liver transplantation studies which started experimentally in 1990 and consequently General Surgery Department of Uludag University’s Medical Faculty become one of the leading surgery clinics of our country.
General Surgery Department of Uludag University’s Medical Faculty is located at three different locations as polyclinic, clinic and intensive care-transplantation unit. Academics of general surgery clinic and the polyclinic are in the first floor (the polyclinic floor) of Medical Faculty hospital while General Surgery clinic is in the third floor of the main building of the hospital. General Surgery Intensive Care and Transplantation Unit is located on the second floor of intensive care unit.
General Surgery Department of Uludağ University’s Medical Faculty is a distinguished surgery clinic where outpatient services are given and where an average of 6 gastroscopy, colonoscopy and other invasive endoscopic procedures are made daily two days a week and where more than 3000 surgeries most of which are major and complicated are performed in a year. Digestive system surgery as well as liver, pancreas and biliary tract surgery is made by laparoscopy increasingly each and every passing day.  Our department was audited through the Turkish Surgical Society's Proficiency Board in July 2008 and was awarded with the “Institutional Specialization Training Competency Certificate”. Our department was re-accredited in 2012.
In these units, all kinds of contemporary equipments required through the unit are available and all current treatments can be performed. The “Uludag University’s Current Approaches in General Surgery Meeting”, held firstly in 2007, is organized periodically by our clinic every two years. The 8th meeting will be held in 2019.
The faculty members of General Surgery Department of Uludag University’s Medical Faculty have worked actively during the history of Uludag University both at the university and at the deanery of the Faculty of Medicine. Accordingly, Prof. Dr. Ayhan Kızıl has been the dean of the medical faculty for 3 semesters and rector of the university for two semesters while Prof. Dr. Nusret Korun and Dr. Prof. Dr. Burçin Kutlay have been the Head of the Department of Surgical Medical Sciences and Dr. Sadık Kılıçturgay has served as the dean of medical school for one semester. Finally, Prof.Dr.Ekrem Kaya has been appointed as the dean of the medical faculty in 2018.

Location and Infrastructure

General Surgery Department of Uludag University’s Medical Faculty consists of 52 rooms as four suits, two double bed rooms and the rest single bed rooms each with a bathroom, TV, fridge in addition to a fully equipped endoscopy unit, 4 operating rooms with 15 operating tables per week, 7-bed and fully equipped intensive care unit and a two-bed liver transplant intensive care unit. Other infrastructure facilities of our department comprise a modern surgical department with rooms of academic staff members and secretariat, meeting room and 8 polyclinic service rooms and a seminar hall with a capacity of 50 people.

Research Assistant Training Process

Medical specialization students are trained in our department.  Training of specialization in medicine takes 5 years. The students are expected to prepare a thesis based on scientific research and defend their thesis successfully at the end of their training.
Study Subjects and Fields of Service 
  • Thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal gland surgery
  • All kinds of breast surgery
  • Esophagus, stomach, small bowel and colon surgery (including open and closed operations)
  • All kinds of liver, biliary tract, pancreas and spleen surgery (open and closed)
  • Cadaveric and live donor liver transplant surgery to adults and children 
  • Intensive care, trauma care, surgery
  • Experimental surgery
  • Invasive and noninvasive upper and lower gastrointestinal /endoscopy
  • Liver transplantation