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Mail Address : Bursa Uludag University School of Medicine Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Gorukle, Bursa, Turkey



Department’s Brief History

Our department was founded by Prof.Dr.Munir Kerim Karakaya in 1975 in parallel with the foundation of Bursa University School of Medicine and began its educational and health care services along with one associate professor, one resident and one physiotherapist. Following its expropriation in 1978, Historical Kukurtlu Thermal Bath dating back to 14th century were restored and affiliated to our department. Being the first Thermal Bath Center which was affiliated to a university, Kukurtlu Thermal Bath began to operate in 1981 and Prof.Dr.Orhan Ozcan was assigned as its first director. The center was directed by Prof.Dr.Deniz Merih Yurtkuran between 1992 and 2016 as Ataturk Rehabilitation Center Kukurtlu Thermal Bath and operated with an inpatient clinic, an outpatient clinic as well as outpatient hydrotherapy and physical therapy units. Following the closure of the inpatient clinic in 2016, the bath continues to operate as Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Kukurtlu Unit with an outpatient clinic as well as outpatient hydrotherapy and physical therapy services. 
Department of Sports Medicine which was founded as a unit in our department by Prof.Dr.Hilmi Selcuk Kucukoglu in 1990, was separated from our department in 2000 as an independent department. 
Department of Rheumatology which was founded as a unit in our deparment by Prof.Dr.Deniz Merih Yurtkuran in 2003, is currently been directed by Prof.Dr.Fatma Jale Irdesel.
Following our founding department head Prof.Dr.Munir Kerim Karakaya, our department was directed by Prof.Dr.Orhan Ozcan, Prof.Dr.Deniz Merih Yurtkuran and Prof.Dr.Fatma Jale Irdesel, who is our current head of department.

Location and Infrastructure

Our faculty staff rooms, outpatient clinics, pediatric and adult rehabilitation rooms, electrotherapy unit are located on the ground floor of our University Hospital in Gorukle campus. Our inpatient clinic, inpatient rehabilitation and electrotherapy rooms are located on the fifth floor of our University hospital. Our Kukurtlu Unit is located in Bursa-Osmangazi and includes faculty staff rooms, outpatient clinics, physical therapy and hydrotherapy units. 

Resident Training Process

Our residency training program consists of 4 years of training in accordance with the National Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Curriculum. The residents are expected to complete their training in inpatient and outpatient departments and rotations, pass bi-annual theoretical education program examinations, complete and successfully present a scientific research thesis and be successful at the final residency completion examination. 

Research Areas and Service Areas

Our major research areas include musculoskeletal medicine, rheumatology, neurorehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, hand rehabilitation.
As a department, we serve patients with musculoskeletal problems, rheumatologic disorders, and those who need rehabilitation in various fields.