Dean's Message

            Dear students, faculty members, parents and most valued healthcare professionals; welcome to the Bursa Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine web site. 

            Bursa Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine and its Healthcare and Research Hospital are among the most prestigious medical centers in our country. It is a privilege to be working in such an outstanding institution. 
            Dear parents, I would like to emphasize that it is a great opportunity for your children to study in such a prestigious school. Beginning in the freshman year when they will put their white coats on, we are going to be working hard to equip your children, whom you entrust to us, with the highest level of knowledge, skills and professional ethics in order to raise them as community leaders that will serve the mankind. Every physician graduated from our faculty will be an accomplished officer of our medical army competing with each other to serve his/her country, nation and whole humanity without any discrimination.
            Our faculty encompasses faculty members and researchers who are both nationally and internationally acclaimed in their fields of expertise. We are proud of our academic staff, made up of distinguished faculty members who are highly regarded and widely consulted in our country and in the international community.
            Our faculty is equipped with advanced study and training facilities, classrooms and auditoriums, good medical practice and simulation center, research laboratories, medical experiments research center, library and study halls, that will satisfy everyone who wants to be a good doctor. With almost 50 years of experience, our institution is one of the long-established medical faculties and has set an example by creating its own tradition. Our university is one of the 15 research universities designated as such by the Council of Higher Education. We are trying to increase awareness throughout faculty while preparing research infrastructures with our distinguished researchers; and updating our educational programs to increase our students’ awareness on this issue.
            City of Bursa is the 4th largest city in Turkey economically and in several other aspects; and its history, culture and natural beauty provide an ideal environment for an university education.
            Our hospital, which is where our faculty reaches the public, is an easily accessible 3rd tier treatment center, serving a population of nearly 5 million. All equipment necessary for modern clinical practice is abundantly available in our University Hospital. We have all the branches in all fields of medicine, making our hospital appealing to the people in our region. Our hospital’s courteous doctors and supporting staff work together in collaboration to help the ever-increasing number of patients. Our institution is in a constant effort for renewal without compromising its traditional culture of quality.
            Dear students; with the white coat you put on in your first day of medical education which you have started with great dreams and ideals, you have stepped into a profession requiring absolutely impeccable execution. All of your teachers, who will also be your mentors, will work hard to prepare you for this profession. Never doubt that you are going to be a physician as accomplished as you have imagined. Being a doctor is not just about knowledge, it is an art. Thus, you will be taught not just to” treat the disease”, but also to “heal the patient”. Graduates of our institution will be individuals who are followers of our great leader, the founder of our country, who will think of nothing but serving their nation and mankind, who will aim to be more successful than their teachers that raised them, who will be in the pursuit of, and produce knowledge, who will represent our country with the highest standards, and who will resist the enemies within and without that threaten our country’s values.
            Dear students; all the infrastructure necessary for you to achieve these goals is present in our school. Our faculty members who love and care for you like their own will be your biggest assurance. I wish you a healthy, happy and successful future.

Prof. Dr. Ekrem Kaya