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Department’s Brief History

Studies for starting Pediatric Surgery Chair at Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine, was started by Prof. Fikret Karaca (May 09, 1978). For this purpose, Surgeon Hasan Doğruyol was sent to Pediatric Surgery Departments of Ege and Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculties in order to increase his knowledge and skills, then returned to his homeland after completing his education in ‘Pediatric Surgical Unit’ at the Children's Hospital in Birmingham.(October 04, 1983) .Returning home in October, 1983, Hasan Doğruyol began to work as a lecturer at the Department of General Surgery in the years of adaptation to the law of the Higher Education Council (YÖK) No. 2547 and the first nursing unit of the Pediatric Surgery was also included in this department. Department of Pediatric Surgery at Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine established in Department of Surgical Medical Sciences by YÖK with decision no. 82/76 of 17.03.1982. During this period, Surgen Hasan Doğruyol, who prepared a specialist thesis titled '' Vamin 4200 '' as a parenteral amino acid source '' to show the clinical effectiveness of babies with growth patterns and amino grams, became the first specialist of Uludağ University Department of Pediatric Surgery in 27.06.1985. Assoc. Prof. Hasan Doğruyol was assigned to the associate professorship positions open to the Department of Pediatric Surgery by the Decree of 27.03.1986 of the Rectorate and then on 18.04.1986 he was assigned to carry out the Presidency of Department of Pediatric Surgery.
The Department of Pediatric Urology was established on 13.10.2003 in the Department of Pediatric Surgery which continues its development as the number of faculty members. Prof. Emin Balkan was assigned to the Presidency of Department of Pediatric Urology on 17.12.2003. Prof. Hasan Doğruyol, Prof. Emin Balkan and Prof. Nizamettin Kılıç received Pediatric Urology Specialization Certificates on 12.05.2011. Currently there are 5 Professors in the Department of Pediatric Surgery.
1. Pediatric Laparoscopy Workshop I. June 26-27, 2001, Bursa.
2. Pediatric Laparoscopy Workshop II. November 20-21, 2001, Bursa
3. Pediatric Surgery Child Urology Postgraduate Training Course. June 2-3, 2003. Bursa.
4. On September 8 – 11, 2004 the 22nd National Children's Surgery Congress and the 8th Nursing Congress were organized.
- Workshop --- Total Parenteral Nutrition in Children
- Pediatric Retroperitoneoscopic Surgery Course.
5. September 04 – 07, 2006 6th National Spina Bifida Congress
6. On April 05 – 07, 2012, 3rd National Pediatric Urology Congress was held.

Location and Infrastructure

The bedside unit of the Pediatric Surgery has started to give service in two rooms in the General Surgery Service. When the hospital moved to Görükle, the clinic continued to serve in 4 rooms in the Children's Clinic on the 4th floor and then started to use the half-service discharged from Neurosurgery as well. The third floor, currently in use, was moved to the Pediatric Surgery Clinic on the B1-B3 block on 05.07.1999. There are totally 38 beds in the clinic, 25 patients, 5 newborn intensive care, 4 child intensive care and 4 motility laboratory observation bed. There is also a motility laboratory in the clinic where pH-meter, oesophageal manometry and impedance, anorectal manometry and urodinaminin are made.
Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine Department of Pediatric Surgery has 9657 outpatient clinics, makes 1924 hospitalization, 2016 operations, and 460 motility studies per year on average.

Resident Training Process

The duration of  Resident training  in Pediatric Surgery is 5 years. During this time, working together with the relevant fields of expertise, multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of the surgical diseases of children is acquired. Resident training process is carried out within the framework of current legislation.

Research Areas and  ve Service Areas

Treatment of congenital anomalies, pediatric thoracic surgery, pediatric oncological surgery, pediatric gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary surgery, pediatric urology, head and neck surgery in children, laparoscopic surgery, pediatric intensive care unit and newborn unit, fetal diagnosis and treatment are research and  ve service areas.