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Department’s Brief History

Department of Forensic Medicine was established in February 1983 with the appointment of Asst. Prof. Atınç Çoltu as Head of Department. the forensic reports were being organized by the doctors of relevant department. In the year of 1983, Forensic Archive was established within the Department of Forensic Medicine and all forensic reports (except the ones prepared by Psychiatry Department) were prepared by the Department of Forensic Medicine with a multidisciplinary study.
Assistant Proffessor Dr. Atınç ÇOLTU was appointed as Associate Professor in 1987 and as professor in 1992. He retired due to age limit at the end of his 41-year of professional career on July 5,2011. In 1992, Department of Forensic Medicine was moved to its place in Görükle Campus Basic Sciences building and, in 2000 to the place in the Health Practice and Research Hospital. A total of 30 research assistants have been employed at the Department of Forensic Medicine since the establishment. 14 of them became experts in forensic Medicine and 11 of them continued their expertise in other branches. Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Forensic Medicine is currently serving with 3 professors and 5 research assistants. 
The service of being the head of department was held by Prof. Dr. Atınç Çoltu between 1983 and 2003, by Prof. Dr. Dilek Durak between 2003-2012, by Prof. Dr. Recep Fedakar between 2012-2016. Prof. Dr. Dilek Durak was appointed as the head of Department in 2016 again and still continues.
One national congress and 3 symposiums hosted by our department:
  1. 2. Adli Bilimler Kongresi,1996, Uludağ Kirazlıyayla Oteli, Bursa
  2. Yeni TCK ve Adli Tıp Uygulamaları Sempozyumu, 2004, Uludağ Kirazlıyayla Oteli, Bursa
  3. Bursa Adli Tıp Günleri, 2006, Uludağ Ağaoğlu Otel
  4. Bursa Uludağ Adli Tıp Günleri Cinsel Suçlar Yasa Tasarısı, 2011, Mudanya Otantik Otel

Location and Infrastructure

Our department is located on the first floor of Uludağ University Medical Faculty Hospital, which includes the academic staff and research assistant rooms, seminar hall and a polyclinic room.

Resident Training Process

In our department, medical expertise students are being trained. The expertise training in medicine has been programmed to cover 4 years. Students are expected to be successful in the theoretical and practical courses they will take in accordance with the relevant regulations, to successfully complete the necessary rotation training and to prepare a thesis based on scientific research at the end of their education.

Research Areas and  ve Service Areas

Forensic autopsy, forensic toxicology and narcotics, forensic age determination take an important place in the research areas of our department. Forensic reports on the severity of the injury after forensic events, disability reports, examination of sexual abuse / assault victims and preparation of reports on these issues, forensic age estimation reports and various forensic expertise services are being provided.